Portugal Oliveiras is a registered trademark of REGA-TOP LDA...
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Portugal Oliveiras was established in 2005. It is a registered trademark of Rega-Top LDA. Our company's expertise is harvesting, preparation and transplantation of old Olive trees.
We supply quality mature Olive trees to numerous nurseries, garden centres, wholesale dealers and, of course, private customers.

The company founder, Lutz Blendermann (Dipl. Ing. Agr.) has more than twenty years experience in the field of landscape gardening and is a specialist in the relocation of mature trees.
Lutz's deep and comprehensive knowledge of the entire process, from selection of individual trees through to their final relocation, ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.
Portugal has long been a top producer of high quality olives and olive oil.

Modern methods and high production requirements for Olive products has resulted in changes of the type of tree needed to compete in world markets. Our Olive trees originate mostly in the Alentejo region of Portugal where new strains of high yield trees, and cultivars are replacing the old trees. This gives us the opportunity to select the very best, and healthiest of the old trees so that we can continue to enjoy their beauty and unique character and history. We have many years of experience in selecting only the highest quality of trees to ensure reliable transplanting. Olive trees can live for many hundreds of years, gradually developing unique shapes and character, when transplanted they can enhance any landscape project or garden, and can even be grown indoors where space permits. They will continue to produce healthy crops of olives once they have acclimatised to their new home.